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Business Plan for

Current Online competition: For PMP training and certification the 5 major competitors are

1. : Offers both classroom and online training. Online training has 2 branches, instructor led and self learning.

Instructor led online training key features (Rs. 9950): 32 hrs online classroom training, e-learning content, 14 chapter end quizzes, 5 PMP mocks, 90 days access, exam tips and mind maps

Online self learning: Basic(Rs. 4950), Standard(Rs. 5950) and Advanced(Rs. 8000). Key features similar to Instructor led.

Simplilearn has been in the education industry for quite some time and is a partner to many bodies like PMI, APMG, CFA Institute, GARP, ASTQB and IIBA.

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Also use Google+ sharing.

3. Content Marketing: Idea is to focus on high quality content with keyword research

4. Guest Blogging: Writing for someone else to increase traffic to your site using backlinks.

Using social media:

1. 4 E’s strategy –

Education: Enriching target community with information and resources,

Entertainment: Creating fun, sticky and memorable content that allows one to associate with the image or brand of your business

Engagement: Engage the community by recognizing their inputs, contributions and presence

Empowerment: A space created to the members of the community to play an active role.

2. Tools: (a) Networking tools – blogs, microblogs, social networks (b) Collaboration tools – wikis, social news, social bookmarking (c) Multimedia tools – videos, images, interactive content (d) Entertainment tools – virtual worlds, online gaming

3. Measurement: (a) PR/media measurement - Viewing social media as media for their ability to reach an audience. (b) Word of mouth measurement - Viewing social media as online interactions among people. (c) Web analytics - Interested in people's usage patterns, as both audience and customers. (d) Opinion research - Mining online opinions as the world's largest focus group.

Online Marketing strategies directed at target audience:

Some of the strategies are:

1. Article Marketing: Publish articles with clear content

2. Forum Marketing


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