Business Plan Anur Essay

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1. Case study of Anur 3
2. Choosing the most suitable country for Anur to expand in 4
3. In depth market analysis 8
4. Company, sales and marketing goals 13
5. How does Anur have to enter the foreign market? 14
6. Account Plan 19
7. Choosing the most suitable fair for Anur to exhibit on 23
8. Trade Fair Concept 29
9. Return on investment 46

List of resources 47

Annexes 49
Interview with a person in the Muslim community 50
Observations Anuga Food Tec, Cologne 51
Interviews Anuga Food Tec, Cologne 61
Observations Ethnic Foods Europe, Brussels 79

1. Case study of Anur
Anur is a Dutch food company, specialized in frozen food products which focus on Muslim consumers. In the Netherlands, Anur has
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- The distance from the Netherlands should not be bigger than 1000 kilometers.
We would advice Anur to consider this criterion, because when you expand to a country close to your own, you have a better view on the culture they have and the risk is lower than if you expand to a country that you are unfamiliar with.

The countries that met these criteria went through to the pre-selection. These countries were Belgium, France and Germany. For these three countries we made a scoring model to see which country suites the best. We defined eight criteria, which allow us to compare the market potential of these three countries. In the following chart, we have grated the criteria with the weight in percentage and the final score for each country. The value of 5 is the highest and 1 is the lowest.

From this chart, we can conclude that the market potential is the highest in France and Germany. But why are the criteria used in our scoring model so important to take into account? Let us take a look.

Purchasing Power of Food
Thanks to the rate of the purchasing power of food, we know how much money the country, or people of France spend on food. Compared to the other living expenses, we can estimate the importance of food in that particular country.

To have a good insight on the markets of the chosen countries, Anur has to be aware of the competition. How many competitors do we have? What is their market share? Because when there are only a

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