Business Organizations Essay

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Organizational Behavior
Ewa Kowalczyk
Report 2
March 26, 2010

Theories can be applied to a variety of things, and compared to individual, group and animal behaviors. After reading Adler, Mech and Morgan, it is possible that the relationship between humans and animals is very similar when we talk about organizations. In the book Images Of organization, Morgan suggests that we live in an “organizational” society and that organizations influence our every waking hour. And although this is very obvious, one has to wonder why people build their lives around organizational behavior. Examples of this would be, taking time off from work, going to work five times a week or being a full time student. These are
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The best way to solve this problem is to speak out. Morgan’s states “But the good news here is that awareness of a problem is often the first important step toward a solution” (p 87). This quote helps us understand that by speaking out about an issue, helps work on the problem that is being addressed. This section also mentions how important continuous learning is for a company. Certain skills and activities will create better possibilities for the company. Morgan states that “they must embrace the creation of insight and knowledge. Like the human brain, successful learning organizations need to be skilled in the art of representation” (p 88). This will create bigger possibilities in future business deals, such as the relationships that individuals, such as relationships that individuals will have with potential customers, the competition, and the environment they are in. Just like Morgan talks about learning organization, Mech talks about order in the pack. The way wolves learn from one another reflects on how they perform in their pack and what role they have within that pack. “For every five years, the original alpha female in the Brookfield Zoo kept her dominant position and each year produced the only litter born to the pack, even though the group also included at least two other mature females each year” (p 115.) This shows that the dominate one will fight for what she wants, in this case it was the

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