Business Marketting Essay examples

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The strategy cost involved in setting up a business that provides a customer service, market service of setting a business of a product. In this paper, we discussed the comprehensive analysis of the existing product on the market, then indicating my own business analysis that fits in the existing market. The paper also discussed the financial information of the existing product and a new product. The paper also highlights the vital role playing by the product owner in setting a business. The paper also includes and take into consideration of having new business strategies in finding new clients, keeping existing clients and long-term planning to develop a sustainable product. In last, the paper concludes by providing the
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Unique Tea uses the positioning strategy to stand out amongst the rest. The product positioning strategy at Unique Tea seeks to allow Unique Tea to come forth as an environment friendly product. Unique Tea positions itself as a health conscious drink that is meant for the environment conscious and health conscious consumers. This is a product position strategy that makes Unique Tea a unique product in the market (Arrow 2000, pp.40).

Creative Strategy
The creative strategy used by Unique Tea seeks to give Unique Tea a unique direction. The creativity of Unique Tea's strategy is prominent in the fact that Unique Tea chooses to market the product as a sophisticated beverage. The product boasts of style, class and standard. It is not unfair to infer that the essential rationale behind this strategy is to bring Unique Tea forth as a beverage that aims to replace tea altogether (Bailey 2004, pp.35).

Communication Strategy & Testing
The communication strategy for Unique Tea is cantered on the use of advertising that makes use of visionary imagery. This will include the use of eye catching imagery in socially active places such as shopping malls, movie theatre lobbies, subway stations and other. The development of a communication strategy tends to demand attention to detail. As a result, the communication strategy for Unique Tea will aim to make Unique Tea stand out amongst other beverages. It is

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