Business Management Case Study: Abl Garden Town Branch

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The management hierarchy represents the different positions and designations in the hierarchy of the ABL. However, this is not the reporting hierarchy but merely represents the positions and grades on the basis of seniority and grades.

Figure 1.2 Management hierarchy

2.1 Departments where I worked as an internee:
ABL Garden town branch
(Branch code = 0848)
I did my internship of eight weeks in ABL Garden Town branch (0848) from
22-06-2015 to 22-08-2015. It is one of the small branches of ABL. Two reasons for choosing this branch were, First, I was of the view that one can find more learning opportunities in a small branch as compare to a big one because people have less work to do and more
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So I got the opportunity to know briefly about every department.
2.1.1 Clearing Department:
Clearing department plays a vital role and works as bridge between Allie bank and other commercial banks. In ABL garden town a banking services officer is responsible for the operations regarding clearing issues.
When an account holder of ABL receives a check from a party whose account is of other bank like UBL, HBL, customer of ABL wants to cash this check into his account the clearing process starts. Customer have to fill a deposit slip mentioning the particulars of check. BSO will input the data into system and will place three stamps on check first on crossing stamp of branch on the front side of check, second stamp of clearing on the back of check of next date, third stamp of payees account will be credit on realization. If check is not local then the intercity clearing stamp will be also placed similarly if person wants to send check in the same day then it will be stamped same day clearing.
National institutional facilitation Technology (NIFT) provides the delivering services of these checks NIFT charges 16% of total amount they delivered in a month if check is passed Payees account will be credit otherwise check will return and is kept by bank. In cities where NIFT does not provide service checks are sent through courier
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Minimum initial cash deposit for current account is 1000 and 500 for saving account. First check book is free.
I worked in this department and learning level was also increased. I feel more learning and practical knowledge in this department. I also create a manual check book management system in the branch.
2.1.3 Customer Care department:
Customer always have key role in the banking sector. Allied bank also wish to satisfy their customer by giving them high values. In ABL garden town customers are deal very politely which is the reason of business development of ABL in this area. In this branch a business development manager is working who is responsible for bringing deposits and convincing people to open an account in ABL.
I worked with business development manager (BDM), I learned about dealing customers politely. I experienced some grievances, BDM handled the situation calmly and resolve the problem politely. This action gave trust to customer.
In this department I not only deal customers in the branch but also deal them on their phone calls.
2.1.4 Banking operation

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