Business Management And Development : Five Minds Are Needed For Optimum Result

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In business management and development, five minds are needed for optimum result. These minds are the synthesizing mind, the creating mind, the disciplined mind, respectful mind and the ethical mind. The synthesizing mind focuses on following a set out process or rule. The synthesizing mind also analyses the rules given and determine the best route in achieving a set goal. The creating mind is termed an innovating mind. The creating mind channels his or her strength on what ways to optimize processes which would in-turn profit the business more. The creating mind also works on new ways and opportunities in doing business to profit the enterprise. The respectful mind is termed a motivating mind. He focuses on making sure that people’s opinion is taken into account in decision making. A respectful mind can motivate his team members when he gives room for their suggestion to be heard. The disciplined mind is a thorough mind. He focuses on getting the best out of the selected option. The disciplined mind ensures that standards are adhered to. The ethical mind is described as having a mind that does what is acceptable to all. The ethical mind interacts with the society in the way and manner that corners are not cut i.e. no cutting corners. I will be examining three business leaders with the view to ascertain how the five types of minds would affect their business management and development. I choose business leaders that are entrepreneurs.
Firstly, I will analyze Mark…

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