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Business 520 Strayer universary Personal interveiw with a co- worker at H&R Block

Assignment #3
Manager’s Interview Report
Bus 520
September 1, 2011
Dr. Battles
Dianne Byrd

PART 1 – Introduction:
Name and Title of Manager: Mary Taylor the District Marketing Coordinator
Name of business: H&R Block, Inc.
Type of business: Service and Tax Company
Years in business: 7 Years
Description of products and/or services: Our Company provides loans thru H&R Block Bank, individual and corporate tax preparation, audit service, tax preparation training and estate planning.
PART 2- Interview: 1. What’s it like to maintain focus, energy and motivation? In order for our management team to stay focused we keep them informed and
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7. What is the corporate culture and how does it apply to you? Our corporate culture believes in partnerships and exchange of ideas. This is one of marketing’s key strategies in our success. We partner with numerous businesses and organizations to benefit and support our communities. 8. What does leadership means to you? Leadership is setting the example for others to follow and respecting individuals as different human beings. 9. How do you feel about facilitating change? Change is good and vital for an organization to grow into prosperity. 10. How do you apply motivation to your employees? Motivation comes from encouragement and recognition of accomplishments regardless of how small or large. 11. How do you improve communications? Communication can be improved by visiting different offices, emails, telephoning or just by sending a gift card for lunch. 12. Do you use group dynamics? Group dynamics are used in office meetings or potluck mentoring sessions. 13. How do you fell about the company compensation and benefits? Compensation is bases on the certification level of each individual. Benefits are available to all employees whom chose to apply. 14. What is the decision making process? The decision process starts in the tax office with the associate and their office

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