Business Ethics And Social Responsibility Essay

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Business Ethics and Social Responsibility Ethics is a concept of what is right and what is wrong. Ethical principles guide individuals’ behaviors toward moral and immoral activities. In the business world, an emerging concern for most firms is Corporate Social Responsibility. The effect of corporate responsibilities on the company’s public image and reputation is very effective. The company’s actions should safeguard the environment for new generations, as well as working toward sustainable development. The Corporate Social Responsibility is a very important topic that needs more attention.
Ethics and Morals
In most countries, integrity, loyalty, and honesty are examples of moral behaviors. On the other hand, lying, injuring someone, and stealing are considered to be unethical behaviors (Lawrence & Weber, 2014). Ethics is about doing what is right ignoring all pressures and temptations. When making a decision people depend on their moral standards and ethics. Religion also plays a role in influencing someone’s ethical behaviors.
Business Ethics Responsible decision making in business needs a good set of morals and ethics. Applying ethical behaviors and moral beliefs into the business environment is known as business ethics. Recently, in the business world, ethics have been a topic that is acquiring a lot of attention (Lewis, 1985). Furthermore, when a company maintains high standards of ethics, everyone within the company will benefit. Ethical ideas may vary from a…

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