Business Case : Plan And Project Plan Essay

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The business case, plan and project plan sounds similar to some and interchangeably used wherever possible. The research paper clarifies the definitions of the business case, plan and project plan and describe how these are helpful in project design and analysis. The research paper also discusses how these three key functions work with each other, depend on each other and what are the differences between them. To give an idea to a reader about the business case, there will be two business case scenarios are considered in a particular business. To better understand the business cases, the background information of the business has been provided. Upon choosing two business cases, one business cases addresses one issue and solution for that. The other business case explained in detailed with the assumption, predictions and analysis of business statistics. To summarize all, the research paper provide a business with improved productivity by using the business cases.
According to the business plan is a document that explains the purpose, motivation, goal, methodology, execution of the new business activity is known as a business plan. It works as a road map for the new business to achieve its goals. The business plan is a feasibility study of a perspective new business. The business plan summarizes all the information on what the business is and the means of implementation. The business plan needs to have the following elements in it, according to Abrams, R., & Abrams, R. M.…

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