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The name Google has become a trusted household name (Google Inc.: SWOT Analysis, 2008). It receives its publicity through word of mouth (Google Inc.: SWOT Analysis, 2008). The interface is user friendly (Google Inc.: SWOT Analysis, 2008). Google uses UNIX web servers for indexing the web pages (Google Inc.: SWOT Analysis, 2008). Several employees have PhDs, and they are consistently trying to make the goal of faster, efficient, and relevant searches (Google Inc.: SWOT Analysis, 2008). “By 2003, Google has already powered over 75% of the 300 million searches conducted daily in the U.S. and 300 million plus outside the U.S.” (Google Inc.: SWOT Analysis, 2008). Google’s interface is written in many languages so people across the world can use it (Google Inc.: SWOT Analysis, 2008). To keep website searches up-to-date, Google has a PageRak program that gives the user the most relevant pages first (Google Inc.: SWOT Analysis, 2008).


The ranking technology Google uses can be manipulated by spammers (Google Inc.: SWOT Analysis, 2008). This technology does not look at web pages’ traffic patterns (Google Inc.: SWOT Analysis, 2008). “Google’s Cost Per Click advertising charging and ranking policy is confusing and makes it difficult for marketers to predict where their ads would be positioned and how much they would cost” (Google
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