Essay on Business Analysis : Wains Hotel Dunedin

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Wains Hotel Dunedin is a centrally situated hospitality business within walking distance to Dunedin’s main attractions and activities (see Figure 1). It positions itself as a mid-range, boutique style accommodation where elegant and comfortable design aligns with the historic atmosphere of the heritage-listed Victorian era property (see Figure 2; DunedinNZ, 2016; CPG Hotels, 2016). Apart from three changes in management in the last 10 years, Mercure from 2005, followed by Park Regis until 2015, and CPG Hotels from that time onwards, Wains Hotel operates as an accommodation business since 1862 and bears its name since 1864. This makes it one of the most iconic businesses in Dunedin’s hospitality (Otago Daily Times, 2013).

Wains Hotel Dunedin mainly caters for free independent travellers (FIT), singles or couples, with higher demands on comfort and a middle class budget. Families with children that can sleep in the parent’s bed or in a separate room are also welcomed, although there are no facilities that particularly cater for families such as childcare or playgrounds. In addition to the FIT business, Wains Hotel offers three rooms to accommodate conferences and functions for up to 250 participants, which, according to Cooper (2012), provides a growing opportunity for hospitality businesses to generate extra revenue. To attract this target market, the hotel has put together a special, convenient “day delegate package” (see Figure 3; CPG Hotels, 2016). Due to its convenient…

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