Business Analysis Part Iii Essay

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Business Analysis Part III
Beverly Mahone
December 3, 2012
Robert d'Alessio

Business Analysis Part III
Strategy management is the key to success in any organization. However, without the proper strategy and implementation, it is difficult for any business to survive regardless of the industry or the size of the company. The largest retail company in the world is Walmart. The success of Walmart is because of its sound strategic management decisions and it ability to implement its strategic decision. A major factor in the continued growth is the rapid growth strategy. The future for Walmart looks bright. Increasing profits and recognizing social and ethical responsibilities will provide Walmart with a comfortable
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Wal-Mart implemented another strategy to meet strategic goals by bringing products back to the shelves. More than 8,000 products were returned to stores in grocery and consumable categories and positive results followed soon after (Springer, 2011, p. 14). Walmart CEO Bill Simon explained the strategy and results by stating, “Our customers can't buy it if we don't sell it. And if we don't sell it they will go somewhere else to buy it. Even in a small category like air fresheners, where we added an opening-price-point item, sales are up 88%, this allows Walmart to remain a one-stop shop for consumers” (Springer, 2011, p. 14).
Human Resources Management
Human resources management plays a very important role in allowing a company to meet its business goals. Without talented, hardworking employees supporting Walmart, the company can struggle in obtaining success. The one area Walmart has struggled in relating to achieving its business goals is human resources management. Walmart did face off against female employees to dispute allegations of gender discrimination in the Supreme Court (Moran, 2011). Human capital can dramatically affect market value and the realization of this makes Walmart strive to increase competitive advantage by placing emphasis on performance. Walmart hopes to advance business goals by creating a good

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