Business Analysis : Energy Consultants Essay

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Energy Consultants, LLC is a small startup company specializing in residential energy audits and like any company have some strengths and weaknesses. The company has one employee and started with performing one audit per week which after two weeks increased to around five energy audits a week throughout southeastern Connecticut.
Energy Consultants LLC works very hard in doing their job well. They do this by keeping up with the latest trends and technology by attending training seminars and trade shows. By doing so they are always up to date on the newest energy star appliances, heating and cooling, insulation, smart thermostats, alternative energy sources and government rebate programs.
Some of the company’s strengths are from being in the construction industry for over twenty years working in the fields of electrical and carpentry work, installing energy efficient windows and doors, strong customer relations and solid management background which all ties into the energy field.
As with any company, you will always find some weaknesses. Because Energy Consultants is a startup company, a major weakness is that they have very few customers and that trust is not built within the community. Marketing is a week point for the company since they only have one employee who is trying to perform the audits and focus on running the business at the same time. In having a single employee, competing with other larger companies and being profitable has been tough.
With the right…

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