Business Analysis - Disney Essay

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Business Analysis Part III
Glennyce J Nelson
June 29, 2012
Dr. Olivia Herriford

Business Analysis Part III
For part III of the Business Analysis project, a review of the strategic initiatives taken by The Walt Disney Company relative to organizational and operational adaptations to the changing markets. An explanation of how recent economic trends are influencing the company, strategies Disney has used or could use for adapting to the changing markets. In addition, tactics Disney has implemented or could implement to achieve their strategic goals, the role human resources management plays in helping them achieve the goals, and would I be willing to invest in this company as a mutual fund manager.
How Recent Economic
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These include Disney California Adventure’s Cars Land and the Disney Fantasy a sister ship to the Disney Dream, which was very popular upon its launch a year ago. * Making experiences more memorable and accessible through innovative technonolgy – technology is transforming almost every aspect of their business. With animation, being the heart of Disney Pixar has greatly advanced the company’s animation studio with incredible creativity with new characters, magical stories, and an unprecedented number of hit movies. The Disney Stores have been redesigned to an immersive interactive experience. The company has launched a new web site, which provides important information, nursery items, and entertainment for new parents. Also they aquired the premier parent blogging site Through rapidly evolving technology Disney is enhancing the quality of their storytelling and personalizing entertainment experiences as well as extending their reach exponentially across businesses and brands. * Purchase investments to create long-term growth – Marvel’s roster of characters and stories such as Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America are allowing Disney to leverage these characters across their business to create franchises, which are very important to continued growth. * Growing

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