The Pros And Cons Of Bushmeat Hunting

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1. What is bushmeat hunting? Why is it so harmful to primate populations?

Bushmeat is any wild animal that is hunted and eaten from a forest. Bushmeat hunting means hunting animals that are already going extinct (or will soon be extinct). This is a threat to primates and will cause their extinction because it takes around 10 to 20 years to replace them in the environment. Since they keep being hunted, they can’t really keep pace to replace their population with the amount humans are killing. Basically we are killing more than what are being reproduced (Primate Conservation and Clean Water lecture/video).

2. Why has bushmeat hunting shifted from subsistence to profit-driven business?

Bushmeat hunting shifted from subsistence to profit-driven business because the human population grew, which resulted in less food supplies. Another reason this happened was because in Africa there’s no economic stability and this drives people to run out of options to get money to live which causes them to rely on this (Primate Conservation and Clean Water lecture/video). The third reason is supply and demand. This means that the rarer something is the more valuable it becomes which has made hunters target these kinds of species to get a lot of money. The last reason for this is energy return
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The logging industry is wiping the rainforest and resources which makes it easier for people to go hunting. A lot of the loggers also hunt while they are working to make extra money. The entertainment industry are psychologically and physically abusing baby chimpanzees to be trained. The pet trade industry can result in primates being placed on cages and having shock collars due to their behavior. They are doing what is natural to them and we are technically punishing them for this (Primate Conservation and Clean Water

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