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Note to the user:
This Word document provides a structured template for preparing your responses to the questions in the annual report project. If you did not purchase the workbook you are not permitted to use this template.

Selected Company: PepsiCo | |

2. Print your completed electronic template. 3. Attach the following: * This page completed with all required information. * Completed Word template. Template boxes expand as you input responses. Adjust page breaks as necessary to submit a professional representation of your work.

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Select a Company and Gather Documents Chapter 1: Select a Company and Gather Documents – Question 1 Identify with an “X” the primary
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| 77-99 | Income StatementMay be labeled Statement of Earnings | 71 | Report of Independent Accountants or Independent Auditors’ Report | 104 | Balance Sheet May be labeled Statement of Financial Position | 74 | Five- or Ten-Year Summary of Operating Results Item 6 in SEC Form 10-K | 129 | Statement of Change in Stockholder’s Equity | 75 | Management’s Report (Responsibility) on Internal Control over Financial Reporting Item 9A. Control and Procedures in SEC 10-K | 133 | Statement of Cash Flows | 72 | Investor and Company Information or Shareholder Information | 110 |
Identify Why You Selected This Company Chapter 1: Identify Why You Selected This Company – Question 1 A) What is/are your motivation(s) or interest(s) in selecting this company? [See above for examples.] B) What question(s) are you seeking to answer? [For example, is the company profitable? Can the company change and develop new products and services to be competitive? Would I invest in this company? Will the company provide rewarding career opportunities? In chapter 5 you will have pulled together the financial and nonfinancial information to answer these question(s).] |

A) I am interested in learning how to use PepsiCo’s corporate annual report to determine the company’s financial strength and overall corporate objectives. |

B) At what rate are profits growing at PepsiCo? Is PepsiCo gaining or losing market share in the processed and packaged goods industry? Who are

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