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HR Performance Issues and Motivation
BUS 610 Organizational Behavior
August 9, 2012

HR Performance Issues and Motivation Every organization no matter how large or small has goals they wish to meet. Each organization will have changes in its future and has to have certain set goals and objectives in place to help map out their course of action that will lead to their desired end result (Martin, 2009). In order for a company to successfully meet their final goal it is important for them to continually motivate their employees. According to Organizational Behavior by David Baack, motivation is what starts, maintains and stops behavior (Baack, 2012). Organizations each have their own way to set goals and motivate their
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However, this person has a Master’s degree and so human resources is a little apprehensive about letting her go. Her most recent actions have caused a major controversy in the library. She walked up to an underage patron she knew and was poking her and tickling her. The patron clearly did not appreciate what was happening and asked her to stop. She proceeded to tease her putting her cold drink against the girl’s back. When the girl jumped, the drink was spilled all over the patron and her belongings. The patron was very upset and humiliated and several on-looking patrons reported the incident. There was a very big difference in what should have been done to handle the situation and what was actually done. Because her behavior has not improved and the worker has had several complaints regarding the incident, human resources should have released her from her contract. This did not happen however because the worker claimed that the patron is the daughter of a coworker and she meant no harm. The lack of discipline by human resources has quickly diminished the motivation of other employees. The other employees feel as though the only reason they are keeping this individual on staff is because she has a Master’s degree. However, it is not ethical to keep a librarian on staff when she is acting inappropriately towards a patron simply because she personally knows them. For this library,

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