Bus 599 Essay

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Bus 599

Assignment 1

Dr. Elile Awa


Submitted by: John-Miguel Onkony Winter Quarter 2011

Strayer University


This document presents an analysis of one case presented in the textbook (Thompson, A.A., Strickland, A.J., & Gamble, J.E. (2010). Crafting and
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The company intends to do so by offering low fares that stimulate market demand while maintaining a continuous focus on cost−containment and operating efficiencies.

JetBlue intends to follow a controlled growth plan designed to take advantage of its competitive strengths. The company’s growth will continue to occur by adding additional frequencies on existing routes, connecting new city pairs among the destinations they already serve, and entering new markets often served by higher−cost, higher−fare airlines.

The key elements of JetBlue strategy are: stimulate demand with low fares, emphasize low operating costs, and offer point−to−point flights to underserved and/or overpriced markets, and differentiate product and service. Jet Blue focused on marketing that established a tone, and let others discover its personality, which is manifest through its on-board televisions, remarkably friendly staff, easy-to navigate reservation system and frequently lower prices. Word about JetBlue started spreading, making it very popular very quickly.

JetBlue’s Financial Objectives and its Results in Achieving this Objective Jet Blue remains committed to maintaining a strong balance sheet as the company grows its airline. To that end, its liquidity position

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