Essay on Bus 520 Assignment

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Conflict, decision making, and organizational design

At Anthem, conflict negotiation is pretty much taught as the rule not the exception. We’re trained to deal with conflict and negotiation strategies to help ourselves get out of the conflict. It’s part of the job and expected that customers are not always going to be happy with Anthem and as such are going to want something in return for their frustrations. We often get customers calling in, most of the time due to their own fault with frustrations over not understanding their coverage, going to non participation providers, or health services not covered. This is when the ball is in our court and we pretty much get to decide if we want to help the customer, but some are more
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This usually gives me leeway to veer off the path I’m planning to tailor a solution to the customer rather than them dictating the conversation. Also poor planning can often lead to throwing out my best offer first which leaves me no where to go if the customer decides that isn’t enough. This is how escalations usually come about as the customer isn’t happy with what you have to offer and there is nothing else to give them. Also there is a point where we need to know our “walk away point”. There are customers who will want the world and we need to make good business decisions even if they threaten to leave. Granted throwing money at a customer to stay for another 2 years seems to make sense if we’re making money in the end, but we have to draw a line in the sand as if every customer decides they want that it would end up hurting us greatly. Another strategy I like to employ is thinking that I’m on the same team as the customer not an enemy with them. If you come into the “battle” with the same goals it’s just a matter of figuring out how to accomplish those goals. Another pitfall that I sometimes fall into is talking in the frame of mind of our competitors rather than bringing up our own advantages. If a customer is talking about going to Sprint for example and they are talking about their unlimited data I may talk about how they only have unlimited data on their network and the

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