Essay on Bus 515 Midterm Exam Assignment

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Multiple Choice Question 56
Supply chain management involves managing:
• the flow of internal information only.
• the flow of materials and information from suppliers and buyers to the final customer.
• the flow of raw materials to inventory only.
• managing the stock room supply only.

Multiple Choice Question 14
A company with a low customer contact that is capital intensive is called:
• a farm
• manufacturing
• quasi-manufacturing
• service
• industrial era operations management

Multiple Choice Question 50
When was the first mathematical model for inventory management developed?
• 1770
• 1865
• 1900
• 1913
• 1930

Multiple Choice Question 68
Operations management personnel perform a variety of functions,
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Which of the following would not be a valid productivity measure?
• pizzas produced / number of workers used
• pizzas produced / number of ovens
• pizzas produced / cost of workers and ingredients
• pizzas produced / cost of all inputs used
• labor hours / pizzas produced

Multiple Choice Question 36
Suppose that a plant has a daily productivity of 0.85 parts per employee? What can we conclude?
• the plant must be very labor-intensive
• the plant is not earning profits
• the plant must be highly automated
• the plant should lay off workers
• nothing

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Multiple Choice Question 29
Which one of these refers to reducing the number of parts and features of the product whenever possible?
• design automation
• design simplification
• design specification
• design reduction
• design standardization

Multiple Choice Question 24
Which of the following is not included in the preliminary design and testing stage?
• prototypes are built and tested
• “bugs” are worked out
• revising the design based on test results
• the product design idea is evaluated according to the needs of the major business functions
• design engineers translate general performance specifications into technical specifications

Multiple Choice Question 25
During the final design and testing stage:
• the product achieves full production.

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