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BUS 475 Capstone Final Exam Part 1 and 2
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BUS 475 Capstone Final Examination Part 1

1. In the managerial function of __________, managers encourage and motivate workers to work toward organizational goals.

2. is a vast auction site that is similar to a competitive market in some ways but differs from it in others. Which of the following describes how eBay resembles a competitive market?

3. From the point of view of consumer surplus and producer surplus, what problem was created when Thailand subsidized the cost of energy to consumers to help alleviate the burden of higher energy costs?

4. The following is an
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One of the advantages of a server farm is that

22. Remedies for a contract breach may include

23. The reason economists and accountants have problems using cost analysis in the real world is that

24. Which of the following is an ethical issue?

25. Personality within an individual typically evolves ________.

26. What are some rhetorical devices used in persuasive messages?

27. The Administrative Procedures Act

28. In a relational database, the customer record contains information regarding the customer’s last name. The last name is a(n):

29. What way can you build credibility with an audience when planning a persuasive message?

30. Which of the following groups would be most likely to benefit from a tariff on Japanese-manufactured light trucks (i.e., pickup trucks)?

31. What type of data visual would you use to illustrate trends over time?

32. Which of the following is a wireless technology?

33. Our most reliable source of information about the world is

34. Business ethics may be defined as

35. During an organizational confrontation meeting, __________ meet to confront the issue of whether the organization is effectively meeting its goals.

36. An argument consists of two parts:

37. How do you keep the audience’s attention?

38. __________ are part of the elements of creativity?

39. Administrative law primarily stems from

40. Suppose that at the current price

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