Bus 365 Wk 10 Quiz 9 Chapter 12 - All Possible Questions Essay example

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BUS 365 WK 10 Quiz 9 Chapter 12 - All Possible Questions

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1. Making IT investments on the basis of an immediate need or threat are sometimes necessary. What can managers expect from making investments in this way?
a) These are proactive approaches that will maximize ROI.
b) These just-in-time approaches to investments minimize long-term costs.
c) These are reactive approaches that can result in incompatible, redundant, or failed systems.
d) These quick responses provide the best defenses. 2. The alignment of
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In addition, the survey reported that __________.
a) most business leaders work with IT to achieve success
b) most IT staff are very involved in the process of developing business strategy
c) only about one-third of business executives responsible for strategy work closely with the IT department
d) IT projects are rarely abandoned 8. Which is not one of the reasons why an IT project is discontinued or abandoned?
a) The project was under-budget
b) The business strategy changed
c) Technology changed
d) The project sponsors did not work well together 9. An organization’s __________ define(s) why it exists.
a) strategy
b) objectives
c) targets
d) mission statement 10. __________ are the desired levels of performance.
a) Strategy
b) Objectives
c) Targets
d) Visions 11. An organization’s __________ are action-oriented statements (e.g., achieve a ROI of at least 10 percent in 2014) that define the continuous improvement activities that must be done to be successful.
a) strategies
b) objectives
c) targets
d) mission statements 12. IT governance is concerned with insuring that organizational investments in IT __________.
a) support operations
b) provide sustainable competitive advantage
c) deliver full value
d) are audited quarterly 13. It is the duty of the __________ to insure that information systems, technology, and other critical activities are effectively governed.

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