BUS 235 marketing mix assignment Essay

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Week 5: The Marketing Mix

BUS 235: Introduction to Marketing

Introduction There are many products and services available in the market today. The automobile market is no different. There are many brands, styles, and price ranges when it comes to vehicles. One specific area of the automobile market are trucks, more specifically is the Ram truck. Dodge Ram has been around since 1981. Truck sales have hit an all time high since 2007 proving that fuel prices are not affecting sales as much (Ross, J. 2013). The big three, Ford, Chevy, and Ram continue to fight each other in the truck selling business and have cut-throat marketing to try to be the best and on top of truck sales. Ram has gotten rid
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The pricing between Ford and Ram are comparable in many areas from base models to the cream of the crop biggest trucks. The biggest difference in pricing is for the base model of the Ford F-350 and Ram 3500. Ford is able to offer their base price for over $10,000 less then Ram’s. So in this area, Ford is more profitable and sells more of these options. Ram is competitively priced with the other truck sellers and offers similar incentives throughout the year. Like every vehicle, Ram customers are able to customize their truck and pick the options that they want. Depending on the options chosen this can change the price. A base model with cloth and no power options is going to be less than the same model with leather, power options, sunroof, etc. Customers know that they are paying for the extra options that they want.

Rams are only produced in North America, with three plants; Warren, Michigan, Canada, and Mexico. Dodge trucks are sold at dealerships and wholesale lots brand new as well as online on websites such as Ebay, Autotrader, and numerous other sites around North America. Used Ram trucks are sold in the same places as well as by private sellers. Dealerships have found the worldwide web to be a huge advantage. They can market their trucks on websites that might reach someone 3,000 miles away and then arrange for shipment. There are some dealerships that offer free transfers to the

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