Burma 's Struggle For Democracy Essay

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Burma is a nation that has overcome many challenges in order to become the democratic country it is today. But like all nations in the world, Burma has its own history to the development of the country. Burma’s colonization and decolonization began the process for its governmental development. Despite establishing a government, Burma’s decolonization plagued the country with political instability which created long-lasting problems that created a military regime. As time went on, political changes were demanded by Burmese citizens and pro-democracy advocates. The most prominent advocate is Aung San Suu Kyi, daughter of Burma’s independence hero, General Aung San. Aung San Suu Kyi devoted all her efforts to democratic reforms as well as for advocating human rights. Although successful, her fight for Burma’s democracy was not an easy one. Today, Burma is freed from the military junta, although the military continues to have a powerful influence on the Burmese government. Myat Yin explains that in 1886, Britain successfully colonized Burma through several wars (24). British rule lasted until 1948 when Burma gained its independence. During British rule, Burma’s native citizens were subjected to imperialism. Colonists took advantage of Burma’s natural resources and imposed forced labor on Burma’s citizens. After years of mistreatment, Burmese nationalist were inspired to rebel against Britain. During World War II, Burma was dragged into the war. General Aung San, a Burmese…

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