Bureaucracy : Bureaucracy And Bureaucracy Essay

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Bureaucracies have been around for a very long time. According to Volti, a bureaucracy is “an organizational structure based on impersonality, expertise, division of labor, hierarchy, written records, and definitive rules and procedures. The government created a bureaucracy to protect and control the population from other empires or other governments from taking over their businesses. To keep their businesses up to date and to maintain their empire the bureaucracy decided to collect taxes from their population to have financial support. Bureaucracies also involved themselves into economic activities they wanted to get money by the government control of other industries. The government could not get to involved because these industries were located on farms and in workshops, these organizations were based off of ascribed roles because it was family orientated. Bureaucracies can be found in religion because of its organizational principles that are in the Christian churches. Sometimes it can be hard for religions to balance between their religious purposes and bureaucratic administration so it is best to keep it out of religions. As private enterprises expanded, it created new organizational challenges because they were hiring many workers and it established new job specialist. These things help these industries to become bigger and better because they could travel many different places with an organized unit, which leads to the world transforming to bureaucratization. Max…

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