Essay about Bullying

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Bullying is an ever-growing problem in our world today that affects all types of people in many different ways. The concept of bullying has always been around, but it has recently received national recognition when investigators found the reason behind the Columbine shootings in 1999 and many other such instances of violence were a direct result of bullying behaviors. (Juvonen & Elisheva 2013) It is a sad realization when we hear of someone killing themselves or others because of the hurtful behaviors they had become accustomed to. According to Webster’s Dictionary bullying is defined as an extreme, negative, and persistent form of emotional abuse achieved primarily through verbal and non-verbal communication. In order for the label of …show more content…
(Cloud 2012) This survey is just another reminder of how wide-spread the problem really is.
Lawmakers, parents, and school officials are all doing their best to deal with this concerning issue. Bullying prevention laws have been passed in 16 states already and many schools are implementing their own programs to fight this growing problem. Many of the programs schools have adopted involve a zero-tolerance stance on bullying. Even though this seems like a good approach, growing evidence has shown it is generally ineffective. New evidence is showing that the best way to deal with bullying at school is to deliver lessons through the curriculum that foster positive relationships among classmates and intervention strategies to deal with cases of bullying. (Rigby, 2012) Also, many researchers are saying that the key to almost all cases of school bullying is the bystander or bystanders. Those who watch as someone is being teased or picked on have a great impact on the overall outcome of the situation. Workplace bullying has been the focus of research for over twenty years, with the first study being done in 1990. During his research Heinz Leyhman found that the bullying behaviors that are displayed on the playground are extremely similar to those found in a work environment. Bullying in the workforce can be done in several

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