Essay Bullying : School And Middle School

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I believe that the school bullying appear on every primary school and middle school, though the high schools’ situation are better, it still exist on high school. It is seem like that the bullying case usually relate with the teenager. The most of the teenagers have been a part of the bullying, whatever the bully or victim. Meanwhile, the relationship during the campus bullying case is really complicate. Someone want to reinforce the bully, getting to involve a bullying group. Some like to defend the hurting from the bully, protecting the victims, or others just keep themselves out of the bullying. I am the one who had attempted to get out of the bullying, even assisted the bully for getting rid of the troubles. This experience change me into a person who is afraid to contact with teenagers. In some extent, I even think the teenagers was the most evil things in the world.
The seventh grades, the first year I entered the middle school, I met a wired people in orientation. A men who sat behind me shook my hand, reminded me to watch that guy. I saw the most of people around that guy was laughing at him, because his sitting posture is quick funny, I mean, it definitely was the most absurd posture I never ever saw, and his skin was extremely black for an Asian. His face looking was bad either, but I do not think there was anything I can laugh for. However, I do not want to make myself different with other people around me, so I just laughed like anybody does. After the…

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