Essay on Bullying Prevention And School Safety

2028 Words May 13th, 2016 9 Pages
The topic of bullying prevention and school safety is the focus of my inquiry. The issue of bullying and safely in schools involves the school environment, student interactions, and the way negative actions disrupt personal and social development. School bullying presents one of the greatest psychological and physical health risks to children in society today. School safety is a top worldwide priority and a key area of academic success. Prevention of school violence is crucial and it begins with understanding the issue itself. As school bullying is a very relevant and significant issue faced by many around the world, I am really interested in how these issues are being faced and treated as of today, and discovering what can be done to help prevent the problem more effectively and further improve school environments. I am interested in multiple aspects related to bullying, and want to learn more about: the different forms of bullying that occur (physical, verbal, cyber, etc.), why they happen, their effects on students’ wellbeing and academic performance, the role it plays in school climate, and the practical means and pragmatic procedures of prevention to ensure school safety. The prevention of school violence is crucial and begins with understanding the issue itself.
First of all, bullying is an aggressive action, which occurs when one or more individuals inflict physical, verbal, emotional, or psychological harm on someone or others. There are different forms of…

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