Bullying Is A Very Popular Disease Among School Students Essay

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“LUNDU: Four secondary school students detained for alleged bullying” This is something that is not rare for us to read anymore at a newspaper. Bully is a very popular disease among school student nowadays. Although life is a thought fight, but not’s everyone’s a fighter. Students with money and power tend to harm other students and cease their dignity of the entire school life. They usually put a target on someone who is quiet; have low self-esteem and the ones who look weak to them. Bullying is not something new in our society. The act of bullying is defined to as any ill behaviour that is repeated by one student or group of students toward another, leaving that person helpless. The school bullying also takes different forms, it can be verbal such as hitting, kicking, slapping, tripping, pinching or damaging property. This sickening culture has created a disturbance and cause trouble like cat among the pigeons in Malaysian schools. School administrators have tried many ways to contain this culture from spreading like wild fire, but it has not yet yielded any fruitful result. This culture, if not combated will put the school in a dire state. In my opinion, not only school administrators who are responsible for bullying in school, but parents, mass media, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and the police are responsible for bullying that happened in schools.

First and foremost, schools play an important role in preventing and intervening in bullying. School should…

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