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Briefly describe what you believe is a major domestic problem confronting the United States - socially, economically or in health care. Indicate how you think this problem should be resolved.

Moral ineptitude and impudence have eaten into the moral fiber of American society. Respect for one another has become something in the dim past. Technology and the media are used as conduits by the youth to vilify, lampoon and rain verbal tantrums on the fellow teens. Some teenagers has a chutzpah to inveigh other teens in social media without any tinge of cultural and moral decorum. These despicable and ignominious attitudes of present-day youth is a recipe for cataclysm in United State. I wholeheartedly assent to Achenua Achebe of blessed memory that
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Social media meant to improve people 's relationship with their friends, is now used as an avenue to explore and sabotage people insecurity. Some teens use the internet as opportunity to send and upload crude pictures, tweet slanderous messages and post distressing comments .Daily teasing, taunting, threatening are struggles teens have to battle through due to their natural looks or what they are wearing. These actions assaults teen’s wellbeing. Bullying which means an imbalance power, has catalyzed a new generation of youth which disregard their natural beauty, and rely on mirrors and makeup to “fix the drooping question of their body”. “A little twist, this has to grow and little stroke and the drooping question mark on my vessel will be ok” are some thoughts which haunt teens every day. Bullying doesn’t only affect students mentally but physically, emotionally, socially and academically. No wonder teens walk through a school hallway at constant alert to sneak or hide from …show more content…
Most teens who bully others are either victims of bullying. For instant, teens’ memories are like banks which store the daily lives of their guardians. A teen raised in a chaotic and an abusive home, will have the higher tendency of becoming more aggressive towards fellows teens. Therefore, parents should be mindful of the type of atmosphere to create whiles raising up their children. Parents should always maintain the slogan “treat others the way you want to be treated” as core principles of teen’s

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