Essay about Bullying Has Been Occurring Very Often

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Sadly, bullying has been occurring very often. I remember reading a story regarding a 13-year old boy name Steven who was a sweet, touchy and aesthetic child. He worshiped his more established sister and he adored skateboarding, baseball, music and his pooch, Finster. He likewise happened to be somewhat unbalanced. He was a smallish child who was distinctive and simply didn 't exactly fit in. To some degree he had dependably been the objective of teasing, yet it was in center school toward the start of seventh grade when the harassing heightened to a level Steven could no more face. That day, his tormentors set him ablaze with a lighter and a mist concentrate sprayer of body splash. They recorded their assault on a wireless and posted it on the Internet. Later that night while his mother was getting dinner prepared, Steven took his own life. Now I wonder what his mother could have done to prevent this incident. What could I have done to prevent this incident if this was happening to one of my children? What is the meaning of bullying? Why does this occur to our children? Lastly, how many suicide rates has been caused by bullying? What are some signs of suicide? And how can we prevent bullying? Stay tuned because in this essay I will be providing you with the answers related to those questions.

There has been plenty of incidents in which children are victims of bullying. I wish I could provide most stories,…

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