Essay about Bullying, Education, And Punishment

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Every day, around the world, there are millions of children, teens, and adults, who are being bullied. A bully is define as a person who intimidates another person, and forces the person to name-calling, physical violence, and social rejection. It’s been estimated that over 160,000 kids stay home from school each day because they are being bullied. (Barkhorn, 2013) This number has only increase, and it doesn’t report amount because kids are scared. On the extreme end, bullying has led to numerous school shootings committed by the person being bullied, along with the person being bullied to take their own life. Because of this, there has been a significant increase in public awareness about the negativity of bullying. So what is being done address this problem?
Public schools is one of the most common places were bullying occurs. Because of this, schools has two ways of dealing with bullying, education and punishment. Many schools believe if they educate the children about bullying less will occur. This is accomplished by holding assemblies and classes where children are taught about bullying. They learn how to learn identify bullying, what to do when it occurs, how to stop, and how to cope with being bullied. There are many different kinds of programs. For-example the “You’re Not Alone” campaign. This program informs children that there is always someone there for them, who is willing to talk and cares about them. However, schools also will use the less common approach by…

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