Essay about Bullying : Bullying And Bullying

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The Bullying Enigma article emphasizes that everything and anything should not be considered bullying. School employees know the seriousness of bullying that seems like a never-ending story with no concrete resolution. The overuse of the term bullying can be misconstrued when a child is labeled as a bully for being involved in only one incident. Labeling a child as a bully after one incident can be a stigma that could travel with the child throughout their school career. Everybody needs to understand that bullying is constant harassment where the tormentors impose their size on someone who is vulnerable and physically weaker. Children don’t have to like each other; however, they should respect each other and never tolerate bullying on any level. Moreover, the existence of bullying is a timeless subject that’s generating traction due to several incidents that occurred where some children committed suicide. For instance, an incident that occurred on August 13, 2016, involved a 13 year old boy named Daniel Fitzpatrick, who took his own life by hanging himself because he was being harassed at school. Daniel left a letter behind telling some teachers and the principal about his ordeal, nevertheless, his pleas were not taken seriously because the teachers and principal said that everything will be alright. The sad part about this story is that one of the bullies was friends with Daniel at a previous school they attend together. The problem is real and serious where educators…

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