Bullying At The Workplace Of Bullying Essay

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Bullying at workplace
Bullying is an act of repeated aggressive behavior intended to hurt person emotionally, physically or mentally
Bullying is use of power, force, threat, and abuse to aggressive impose domination on others. Reasons put forward for this type of a behavior include differences of gender, religion, appearance, behavior, body language, class, race, personality, ability etc. Bullying done by a group of people is termed as mobbing. People to whom bullying is directed are known as ‘targets’ or ‘victims’. It impacts the victim in a lot of ways. It can lead a person to commit suicide, or lead to violence.
Workplace bullying can be when an employee experiences a regular pattern of mistreatment from others that cause problem to him/her. It includes acts that can be verbal, nonverbal, humiliation, psychological and physical abuse. It is generally exerted by the seniors in authority or by peer. There are a lot of negative impacts that it exerts, its impact is not limited to the harm caused to an individual, it also exhibits impact on the organization as a whole. It leads to decline in the employee morale and change in the organizational culture. Cases of workplace bullying also impact the repo of the organization.
Every country has its own legislation and different laws pertaining to different things. And these laws differ a lot from country to country. Some countries give criminal status to people bullying, some term it as a civil wrong doing whereas some…

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