Essay on Bullying As A Victim Of Bullying

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In the United States, bullying in the school systems has become a major concern of parents, educators, and legislators. One out of four kids attending school is bullied on a regular basis. Additionally, bullying can take place randomly, daily, or weekly in locker rooms, buses, hallways, cafeterias, and restrooms. A study on health and behavior of school age children revealed that thirty percent of children in grades ranging from the sixth through the tenth grade reported bullying other students, or being the target of bullies or both (Whitted & Rupper, 2005, para.1). My daughter recently became a victim of bullying at her school system, and this issue is a grave personal issue of concern. No child should suffer the horrific and degrading act of bullying. Furthermore, the bullied child becomes fearful of attending school. The victims of bullying tend to have changes in their eating habits; declining grades, and constant complaints of stomach pains and headaches on a consistent basis are some signs that a child is a victim of bullying (Hellwig, n.d, para.7). However, the parents and the community as a whole can get involved to combat and help prevent bullying in the schools. Education and communication, along with policy put in place at schools is a good way to prevent bullying in the education system. Education is very imperative as it relates to bullying in the schools, as well as various strategies that can assist including school-level intervention classes.…

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