Bullying As A Common Problem Throughout The Span Of Communication Between Adolescents

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Bullied to Death
Adolescent bullying has been a common problem throughout the span of communication between adolescents. In recent years technology has given many a new outlet to abuse and berate others anonymously. This has led to a rise in the amount of time and ways a teenager can be bullied. Bullying on both a cyber and physical front that has directed to many teenagers to alcohol abuse, violence, and suicide. Brett Litwiller wrote an interesting journal regarding the effects of bullying on adolescents and its relationship to suicide called “Cyber Bullying and Physical Bullying in Adolescent Suicide: The Role of Violent Behavior and Substance Use”. Within his journal he discusses the different effects bullying has on students and how it can lead to violence, substance abuse, and in some cases suicide.
Bullying has taken many forms over the years for many people. Litwiller explains such as “Bullying behavior generally takes one of four forms: physical (i.e., assault), verbal (i.e., threats or insults), relational (exclusion or rumor spreading), and cyber (i.e., aggressive texts or social network posts) (Wang et al. 2009)” (Litwiller 675). Litwiller also explains the “interpersonal theory of suicide” which assumes “thwarted belongingness and perceived burdensomeness cause suicidal desire” and that a person who is capable of contemplating suicide is only able to do so because “habituation to the physically painful and anxiety provoking nature of self-harming behaviors”…

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