Bullying And Its Effects On Society Essay

1416 Words Nov 18th, 2014 null Page
Throughout life, many people are a targeted by male and female bullies. Disturbing behavior coming from a bully is unethical. Bullying is an issue that students throughout the world are facing everyday. Without a federal law to protect people, bullies are able to continue to emotionally hurt a person. There has to be a federal law in all states to help stop the disturbing behavior that the bully is bringing onto the victim. Bullies are insecure people, and make themselves feel superior, they bully others. The victims that are dealing with harassment have essentially no voice if there is not a law to stop this behavior. Bullying is a worldwide issue and there is not a reason for it to continue to happen. If a federal law passed in all states to implement anti-bullying, individuals who are dealing with harassment would feel protected under the law.
Bullying is a major concern for not only the victims, but also to the parents who have children that are being bullied. Bullying can cause suicide, depression, anxiety, and a decrease in academic achievement. There is no federal law that prohibits bullying, and that is problematic. The internet has made bullying easier to achieve because of some websites that allow messages to be sent anonymously. Bullying is expanding outside of school, it is increasing the amount of people who are being bullied. In behalf of bullying that is done face to face, cyber bullying makes it nearly impossible to track down the bully. The majority of the…

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