The Effect Of Bullying On Today's Society

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The Issue
“Strong people stand up from themselves. But the strongest people stand up for others.” – Unknown. There is a serious issue that has a huge effect on today’s society. Students all across the world have suffered tremendously from all ages. According to Indicators of School Crime and Safety: 2013 report, by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) and National Center for Education Statistics Institute of Education Sciences (IES), about 28 percent of students between the ages of 12- 18 reported being bullied at school. In 2013, across an average of 39 states, 7.2% of students admit to not going to school because of personal safety concerns. The effects of bullying can be reluctance to go to school and truancy, headaches and stomach pains,
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For many the effect of bullying is so different. For bullies the act of bullying gives power. Dr. Pepler did a study for ages 10 to 18 and found four patterns of those who are bullies: Ten percent of the study group bullied consistently, thirteen percent bullied at a slightly lower level at age 10 but had stopped bullying by the end of high school, thirty-five percent bullied at an even lower level but did not give it up, and forty-two percent never or almost never bullied. The goal that Dr. Pepler wanted to see was how bullying behavior evolved for individuals over time as they grew. She also states that bullying is a learned behavior. Dr. Pepler research states that “Her study found that the children in the three bullying groups were less likely to have supportive relationships with their parents. Elements of a less supportive relationship included high conflict, low trust levels, and poor parental monitoring of the child 's activities and behavior. These children and teenagers also tended to be more frequently in conflict with peers and more susceptible to peer …show more content…
It is stated that when they experience bullying, these types of effects can last long into their future: Depression, Low self-esteem, Health problems, Poor grades, and Suicidal thoughts. The American Academy of Experts in Traumatic stress classify bullying as: 1) Bullying is a form of abuse, and 2) Bullying is a narcissistic sort of act. In making the first statement here, I mean to say that both bullying and traditional forms of abuse are selfish and/or sadistic, destructive, and often violent acts perpetrated upon victims who do not in any way, shape or form deserve to be treated in that manner. According to American Academy of Experts in Traumatic Stress states that the short term affects are: Anger, Depression, Anxious avoidance of settings in which bullying may occur, Greater incidence of illness, Lower grades than non-bullied peers, and last Suicidal thoughts and feelings (In one British retrospective bullying experiences survey I came across (of unknown scientific value), 20% of the sample attempted suicide secondary to having been bullied, whereas only 3% of participants who were not bullied attempted suicide). In the long term the effects are: Reduced occupational opportunities, Lingering feelings of anger and bitterness, desire for revenge, Difficulty trusting people, Interpersonal difficulties, including fear and avoidance of new social situations, Increased tendency to be a loner,

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