High School Bullies Causes

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Zachary Smith
Mrs. Mobley
Honors English
13 Feb 2015
How a Bully Causes Dropouts
One out of nine high school students report that they have been bullied, that totals to about 2.8 million students (Stewart 39). A bully is a person who uses physical and mental abuses to manipulate and control other people. Bullies cause ten percent of high school students to leave high school before graduating (Stewart 40). The effort to stop bullying in high school would reduce the amount of dropouts and, in addition, reduce the amount of bullies entering the work force. A bully usually leads a life of crime and “has a one in four chance of ending up with a criminal record by age thirty” (Greenbum 27). The reason high school students are bullies is the lack
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Bullies cause other students stress and harm leading them to drop out of school. The reason there are bullies is the bully has a lack of parental figures or role models in their lives; the student is abusing drugs and alcohol; and they are able to bully without anyone stopping them. The reason why a parental unit is important to the child is because they are the basis for how the child will grow up and act (Greenbum 26). Another reason the parents are a big deal in a child’s life is that they provide the child with love and support. A way to help teens after losing their parents is to find them suitable homes and environments where the child can be raised. Drugs and alcohol abuse also can change a teen to becoming a bully. The use of drugs and other substance can lead to addiction; these problems can be solved by getting help or saying no. Teens need to be educated with a more personal experience where they can realize the lasting effects. The final reason teens are transforming into bullies is due to the lack of consequences and the inadequate amount of supervision. Bullies can run free in a school where their punishment is not consistent or strict; this calls for the change that more teachers should be added to the staff or that school should have a zero tolerance for bullies and seek out the bullies. Through the prevention of teens losing parents, drug and alcohol addiction, and lack of consequences, the risk of teens having the habits of a bully and the idea of bullying will come to a halt. After implying the changes, more teens will graduate and not end up surrounded in a life of

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