Bullying And Its Effect On Children Essay

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In one 's life, there are certain moments that are unforgettable. Incidents of bullying are always eye-opening because of the many effects it has on the bully and the bullied. It is a terrible act that is preventable. People who believe they have more power over another will use it to their advantage and take control of a victim, significantly damaging their-self esteem. This despicable act is becoming increasingly more common in schools, in workplaces, and in sports. As a child, being exposed to an incident of bullying has altered my perception. My view of bullying has changed, for the better, as I grew up.

When I was twelve years old, an incident occured that would forever changed my thinking. As a shy, quiet boy sitting in class, I couldn 't help but notice the constant bullying of a fellow classmate. Every tear that dropped from Jake 's eyes was like the sound of my heartbeat punding against me, reminding me to take action. I did not want to become the bully 's next target, nor did I want to become the victim 's best friend. I just wanted to help! Day by day, Jake 's mood became depressed, downcast and dismal to a greater extent. At first, I thought everything would be fine. However, turning my back would only make it worse.

On a day where it seemed as if the increasingly injurious isolation could not get any worse, I made the courageous decision of facing my fear and confronting Jake. I sat down beside the gloomy boy and asked if I could do anything to make his day…

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