Essay about Bulling

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Bullying I selected bullying because I believe that it is one of the major issues for this generation. I have four boys that are growing in a society where bullying is a major concern of mine. In my opinion, bullying today is at an all-time high at a level much greater than when I was growing up, do not get me wrong there was plenty of bullying back then, regretfully I was a culprit of it myself, more emotional than physical but still not right. Back then it was more pushing and shoving and making kids feel like they were worthless, still not right. Today, there is a lot more to it, guns and knives and death threats. Emotionally, bullies today push the weaker kids to the point of depression or even suicide. Back twenty or thirty …show more content…
They found this study that it was some kids confidence and self-esteem were being crushed. Olweus was trying to convince the world that bullying is abuse.( Olweus, D. (1978). Aggression in the schools; bullies and whipping boys.)
There are many definitions of bullying the one I seem to come across in my research the most is, use of force and or verbal threats to force a child or adolescent to do something that he or she does not wish to do and or to humiliate the victim, usually in front of their peers, most likely in the same grade. Some experts have estimated that nearly 30% of school children have been bullied in some fashion. In some cases, bullying is a temporary and minor frustration, in many cases children are so traumatized they develop a huge self-esteem problem, some even think they deserved to be bullied, for many this will last in to their adulthood.( us)
The characteristics of a bully seem to be the same with all that I have researched. Most bullies have the tendencies of being hot headed, impulsive, dominant, aggressive, lack of

empathy, frustrated, do not like following the rules, and think violence is the only answer. Some experts like Dr. Joel Haber and Dr. Michele Borba say that it all starts from their home life and the way they have been brought up. They all seem to have

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