Bullies And Dictators And Its Effects On Society Essay examples

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When it comes to bullies, we frequently think of little kids picking on other little kids. However, though bullying is an adolescent phase as well, grown adults can threaten other adults, also. A dictator, which seems to be an adult bully on a large scale, misuses their power and controls a nation with a posse. They mostly use violence in order to scare citizens into changing their ways of life. Bullies and dictators are very similar because they use violence, they feel superior in their position and they tend to have their own cliques; but they’re different in degree. Bullies can be less dangerous than dictators because they tend to have a circle, with less than five people that terrorize people at school or in a place of work. In dissimilarity, dictators, who can be supported by thousands of followers, rule countries. Although, bullies and dictators have parallel mindsets, dictators are stronger and bolder and do damage on a grander scale.
Firstly, bullies and dictators like to utilize violence in order to get what they want or to see someone feel pain. Bullies, who can be children and adults, can be physically violent towards others because they have seen domestic violence in the comfort of their own homes. According to Behavior Advisor, “Some believe that bullies learn their intimidation tactics from their parents/guardians, and are displaying behaviors that serve a function in their home environments. Others believe that certain environments directly or indirectly…

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