Essay about Building Public Awareness For Human Trafficking

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Building Public Awareness To Prevent Human Trafficking Human trafficking is a type of modern slavery where traffickers sell people for a financial gain and use them for illegal labor, or prostitution. The source countries for human trafficking are generally ones with the poor economies. The victims are penurious and lacking an education. The traffickers are often the same nationality as the victims. Thus, when the victims offered high paid jobs abroad, they usually accept them. Once at the destination country, they discover that there are no jobs available. The traffickers sell them to brothels to become prostitutes, or to farms to perform a hard labor. The victims of the human trafficking are not paid for their labor. In the United States, the proportion of female victims to male victims is four to one. The forced prostitution is the number one type of human trafficking (Nature and Extend of Human Trafficking). Since the year or 2007, over twenty-five thousand people were considered victims of human trafficking in the United States by National Human Trafficking Recourse Center (Hotline Statistics). With the number being incredibly substantial, it is startling how little the public knows about the issue of this size. Creating the public awareness of the problem of human trafficking through providing sufficient and relevant information about the relevant cases in mass media, teaching people how to recognize the signs of persons trafficked, as well as establishing victim…

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