Essay Building New Models Based On Efficiency And Energy Savings

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Until the development of technology in the 19th century, the means and the opportunity to build and maintain the buildings were quite limited, and the materials; which came from local resources, required a very low consumption of power. Ever since the 20th century, we have generalized the increase in energy consumption because of lower costs and greater distributions of wealth. One of the major priorities of the present day; as well as the future, is the growing demand of environmentally friendly buildings for individuals who inhabit them, health care for people, and the overall physical condition and proper wellbeing of the planet. This should change the methods that have dominated the second half of the 20th century, moving towards building new models based on efficiency and energy savings. Better materials should be used with the least possible impact on the territory and people, using as little energy as possible and taking care of other important aspects of design. There were three major factors that contributed and allowed the American industry to immensely grow quite rapidly in the United States after the Civil War during the last half of the 19th century, which led to the technological and industrial boom; thus bringing about revolutionary changes within the American society. The first was the vast, abundant wealth of natural resources and raw materials; such as water, timber, coal, iron, and copper, which gave inventors and entrepreneurs the means to…

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