Essay about Building Homes And Building Buildings

1219 Words Apr 25th, 2016 null Page
Over the many years mankind has been on the earth they have been building homes and structures. As the world was evolving and changing so were the buildings and structurers. It seemed to be mankind were constructing the building to the environment around them. So depending on what was going on had a huge impact on have the buildings were constructed. Now that mankind is all about wanting to save resources and create more self-sustaining buildings. A self-sustaining building is a structure that does not rely on any or no outsource resources. It also is a structure that is environmentally friendly, such has it uses less energy or even creates its own energy. The structure has a reduced amount of water used, or can repurpose water. Also if the structure has been built from natural or recycled materials that have been repurposed for construction use. There are many things that can and have gone into making structures more sustainable and better for the environment. Seeing how popular it is to go green in the world of today it is hard to believe that just around thirty years ago people didn’t even believe it was relevant to construction or architecture. The thought involving green ideas into someone architecture designs would have been preposterous. At this time there seemed to be an unlimited amount of resources and energy to not have to worry about ever running out. But soon to find it in fact was not that way. So over the years we have come up with other ways to gather…

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