Essay on Building A Separate Program For Female Children

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Despite Mill Street Loft 's limited resources, they have been striving to serve the community in any manner feasible, and use the arts as an outlet for reaching into Poughkeepsie and Beacon. MSL crafted four programs in order to make a difference in the lives of impoverished children. These programs include Project ABLE: a paid job training session during the summer, that focuses on the arts, PASWORD: a collaborative outreach program with Poughkeepsie middle school, designed to impact women, Habilidad: an after-school program meant for Hispanic children, providing job a life skills training, as well as an education in the arts and lastly, Project AWARE: a program in Beacon specifically for at risk eleven to fifteen-year-old girls who work to become empowered by the arts, and develop their own self-esteem. The programs MSL offers are nothing short of amazing for the people who are engaged in them. However, one possible area of growth within Mill Street Loft would be to develop a separate program for males, who are undoubtedly dealing with many impediments to future success and societal pressures. There are already two outreach programs with a special emphasis on women, to whom they are an irreplaceable aid, but the males would certainly benefit from a program specially tailored to their needs. With the relevant issue of having sparse funds, perhaps Mill Street Loft could mold Project AWARE and PASSWORD into one collaborative program, and reallocate funds to create a…

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