How Did American Actions Influence The Actions Of The United States?

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Throughout time, America has played significant roles in other nations. It has influenced many countries, both positively and negatively. Being one of the most powerful countries, America managed to politically and economically control many areas. Their actions were motivated by different reasons, being the biggest ones a false idea of superiority and a strong prejudice towards other races. But imperialized and oppressed territories couldn’t do anything to stop them, for they lacked, at that time, the strength to get independence.The actions of the United States were mostly negative at the turn of the century because they increased problems at war, they wanted to economically benefit from other places, and they were against the idea of liberty. …show more content…
They violated people’s freedom with each one of their actions. One example of this is how they overthrew the Hawaiian queen, Liliuokalani. After that, they added Hawaii to the U.S, despite the fact that Hawaiians never favored the annexation. America just didn’t care about others. Moreover, the U.S controlled Dominican Republic, Cuba, Philippines and many other countries that were facing political and economic problems. Countries that deserved to have freedom and peace, but America took those rights away when they took advantage of their vulnerability.This evidence shows that America was against freedom, equality, and justice.

In conclusion, American actions toward other countries were mostly negative. They only increased problems, tension, and social injustices. They perceived themselves as superior people, so they mistreated others in order to get what they wanted: money and power. America was against liberty and equality when it came to other countries. They only cared about themselves, and lots of innocent people suffered from their actions. They violated people’s rights and they denied them the freedom they inherently

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