Essay on Building A Cutting Edge E Commerce Website

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Objective The project goal will be to establish a cutting edge E-commerce website with a compatible mobile application for customer shopping. The website and mobile platform will sell products and offer special discounts. E-commerce is the fastest growing sales channel, particularly with the younger consumers. (Big 5 10-K, 2014) The company currently has a small e-commerce website that allows very few items to be purchased. The goal is to improve the current web platform. While improving the web platform there will be a software development team working side-by-side with the web developers to create an application for iOS and Android devices. iOS is the operating system developed by Apple. Android is the operating system developed by Google. With those two platforms incorporated in the strategy the company can reach ninety six percent of the mobile users. (Llamas, 2014)
Hardware & Software Designing an E-commerce website and mobile application requires the existence of a network or hardware infrastructure. This usually includes routers, fiber optics or wireless communications, and firewalls. The biggest component needed for E-commerce would be Web Servers. Web Servers host web sites and deliver content through the internet. Web Servers are also used for data storage and running enterprise applications. (Chapman, 2012) Designing and building that perfect website is always the main goal when it comes to E-commerce. Beyond the style and products available there is…

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