Building A Better Place And Solar Energy Essay

796 Words Dec 2nd, 2016 4 Pages
With so many issues going on in the community, it may be a good idea for the community to use its resources to its own advantage. The idea is to improve conditions to make our community a better place and solar energy is one way of solving multiple problems with one solution. By using solar power, it eliminates chances of being harmed by loose or dangerous power lines, therefore improving safety hazards.
Society has come a long way thanks to pioneers such as Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison, but before Franklin 's discovery of electricity and Edison 's invention of the electric light bulb, society had already excelled thanks to Abraham Pineo Gesner, who invented kerosene, Ignacy Lukasiewicz, who invented the kerosene lamp, and Aim 'e Argand, who invented draught fixed oil lamps. Image 1 shows a timeline of when these impressive leaps in technology were created. Improving and getting better is our job in society and so far civilization has come a long way. The idea is to make things more convenient and safer. When Benjamin Franklin 's electricity and Thomas Edison 's electric light bulb replaced Abraham Pineo Gesner 's kerosene and Ignacy Lukasiewicz 's kerosene lamp, it was undoubtedly an improvement due to the fact that the real danger and threat had been concealed behind the walls of homes and businesses, away from human activity. No longer did fire be our main solution for lighting and heat. There were also less reported fire damage after the invention of electricity…

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