Buddy's Snack Company Essay

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Buddy’s Snack Company

by Russell Casey, Clayton State University Georgia, U.S.A. & Gloria Thompson, University of Phoenix, U.S.A.

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Buddy’s Snack Company

Buddy’s Snack Company
By Russell Casey, Clayton State University, and Gloria Thompson, University of Phoenix, U.S.A.
Buddy’s Snack Company is a family owned company located
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She has spent a lot of time reading the training material and learning selling techniques, viewing training videos on her own time and accompanying top sales people on their calls. Lynda has no problem asking for advice and doing whatever needs to be done to learn the business. Everyone agrees that Lynda has a cheery attitude and is a real “team player”, giving the company 150% at all times. It has been a tough quarter for Lynda due to the downturn in the economy, but she is doing her best to make sales for the company. Lynda doesn’t feel that failure to make quota during this past quarter is due to lack of effort, but just bad luck in the economy. She is hopeful that things will turn-around in the next quarter. Lynda is upset with Mark for having to attend the coaching session because this is the first time in three years that her sales quota has not been met. Although Lynda is willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, she is concerned that the coaching sessions will be held on a Saturday. Doesn’t Mark realize that Lynda has to raise three boys by herself and that weekends are an important time for her family? Because Lynda is a dedicated employee she will somehow manage to rearrange the family’s schedule. Lynda is now very concerned about how her efforts are being perceived by Mark. After all, she exceeded the sales quota from the previous quarter, yet had not received a “thank

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Buddy’s Snack

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